Join our quest for better sex — yes, even after kids!

by | Nov 20, 2019

Hi there 🙂

This is Erin – I’m a sex & relationship counsellor and the founder of gilly – a sexual wellness app that helps make intimacy and desire easy for couples with kids.

Why an app for intimacy? Because life gets busy and at some point, it suddenly feels like you and your partner are more roommates than you are lovers. It happens in almost all relationships – this is especially true for over 70% of couples with kids.

I saw this over and over again, as a sex & relationship counsellor – with my clients and also amongst friends, and in my professional community.

And it’s more than just about the sex, isn’t it?

It’s about feeling connected. Feeling wanted, again. It’s about intimacy.

But how do we create more intimacy and desire?
Well, a bit like staying fit or being mindful, it’s the every day, little things that count.

Enter, gilly.

Every day, Gilly will share a simple, doable step with you and your partner to help you get out of your usual routine and cultivate connection and desire. Sometimes, it’ll be thought provoking; other times, it’ll be downright fun; and sometimes, we’ll nudge you outside your comfort zone (wee!).

Right now, we are at the beginning stages of creating Gilly.

This is where you come in! If the above resonated with you, I invite you to join our growing group of couples helping us test Gilly out.

We call them our test drivers 🙂

Interested? Read on for the details!


A 2 week program simulating a very slim version of the envisioned app to help us get insight on what features will help couples most (and what won’t).

For Who?

Couples who are game to try something new to spark intimacy in their relationship, and who are open to trying a very early stage product.

Once you indicate your interest to be a Gilly test driver, we will be in touch soon after with an update on upcoming test drives

How does the test drive work?

  1. Every morning, you and your partner will each receive a message with your treat of the day – some days, they may be the same treat as your partner. Other days, they may be unique to you.
  2. In case you got busy and were unable to check out your treat of the day, you will receive a reminder from us in the evening. You can also let us know your thoughts about that day’s treat.
  3. These daily treats will build on each other through out the 2 weeks
  4. During the 2 weeks, we will have a brief call to check in and get your feedback on how things are going
  5. After the 2 weeks, we will have a follow up call for more feedback and how the overall experience was for you and your partner


Update: Over 100+ people joined our test drive! We’ve taken what we’ve learned and built the first version of the Gilly app. It’s in beta — give it a try and help co create Gilly for all couples around the world!


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