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Bite sized exercises created by experts to help you & your partner connect, play, love

Gilly – What is a treat

Go from 💜 to 💜💜💜🔥🔥🔥

About your Gilly beta invite

1. You can try the app on your own and/or with your partner

No stress if your partner doesn’t join you on the app immediately. All treats have a “do on your own” part that you can enjoy solo. The “together” parts of the treats will unlock once you pair your app with your partner’s.

2. Being in beta, hiccups might happen! Our goal is to learn and improve the app as much and as quickly as possible 🙌

The way to do that is collaboratively with you and the rest of the beta user community! Through anonymous polls, quick emails or chats — whatever works best for you — we would really appreciate hearing about your experience with the app.

3. We promise to do our best to quickly & promptly respond to any feedback you throw our way

And we’ll share regular, bulleted updates on fixes, new feature improvements and common questions from the community.

4. Don't forget to claim your free AMA call ✨

Besides having first access to the newest features, you can also book a free “Ask Anything” call with me (Erin), a trained sex & relationship counsellor.

Thank you for co-creating Gilly with us!