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Who We Are

Surely, sex life after kids can be great

*cue sarcastic laughter*

This is the reality for so many couples with kids and we said – ENOUGH!!

Sexual wellness and intimacy is just like any other area of well-being. We believe that if it is possible to evolve the way we work, eat, exercise, and be mindful through life’s many role changes – then it is possible to evolve the way we connect and experience pleasure with ourselves and (an)other(s).

We are not here to tell you how sex should be. Or what pleasure should look like to you and your partner(s). You are the expert of your body, your sexuality and your relationship.

Gilly exists to help you and your partner uncover the adventures that you can go on next and enjoy meaningful connection daily – your way.

We are at the start of this journey and are working hard to make Gilly a reality. If our story resonates with you, we invite you to join us on this journey!

Excited? We are too.

Our Team

Dreams big. Full of grit. Loves to laugh.

Erin Chen, MscMed


# of offspring: 1

Brianna Macri

Co Founder

# of offspring: 3

What We Believe in at Gilly

Our Mission

To normalize intimate & sexual well-being as part of everyday happy, healthy living

Our Vision

No more sexual shame, awkwardness or judgement. Just joy, well-being and happiness – with yourself & other(s)

Are you feeling a “f-yes” about what we’re up to and want to contribute? Email us at hello[at]getgilly.com


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Can you feel it?

It’s the start of something exciting – and we want to share it with you!
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