Intimacy & Desire made easy for very busy couples

Daily fun & impactful exercises created by experts, curated to help you & your partner connect, play, love
Gilly – What is a treat

Over 70% of couples with kids feel like they are more roommates than they are lovers


Is this you?

So you schedule more date nights...


… but life gets in the way

Did you know that cultivating intimacy is like staying fit or being mindful?


It’s the everyday little things that count

More than just about sex... It's about intimacy


Feeling desired. Feeling connected.

Intimacy & sexual wellness for the modern couple

Life passes through different seasons. Gilly is here to help the “lovers” in your relationship thrive through it all.

One Gilly treat of connection, at a time.

Make time to connect easily

With bite sized exercises (aka ‘treats’) that take less than 15 mins

Deepen desire & romance

With themed journeys that explore intimacy holistically

Strengthen your relationship

With your personalized, research based Gilly intimacy profile to guide the way

"All conversations are kid based, house based, in-law based… Gilly is something just for us."

— R, Mother of two, USA

"It’s working great. We’re talking more, having sex more and hanging out more."

 — J, Father of two, Canada

"It’s made us prioritise ourselves a little more and communicate. D and [I] didn’t believe we were bad at communicating but this has made us go that little deeper which I think we need."

— S, Mother of one, UK

The Who Behind Gilly

Erin Chen, MscMed

Founder of Gilly

Erin is an advocate for the inclusion of sexual wellness as part of everyday healthy living. She holds a Masters degree in Sexual Health Counselling from the University of Sydney.

For the Adults in the House

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